GFW suspected of blocking inbound to outbound transit traffic

With the convening of the two sessions, the massive blocking of the Great Firewall has arrived as promised. The blockade has been in place since the morning of the 4th.

Unlike the previous blocking of foreign IPs only, GFW will also block outbound connections from within the country in this blockade. It is speculated that because of the highly symmetrical nature of transit machine traffic, firewalls can easily identify these transit nodes and block them.

Several merchants engaged in related businesses claim to have stopped their services due to the blocking of outbound connections to their transit servers. Since the firewall uses a traffic analysis model, it is ineffective in this case regardless of the protocol used.

G suite Education Edition announces plans to revamp, cut hard drive space to shared 100TB

Google has announced that it will be revamping the existing G Suite for Education to Google Workspace for Education.

The main changes are:

1. Two new versions were added to improve security and teaching experience

2. Google charges a per-pupil or per-license fee for the new extensions, at a unit price of $3 to $5 per year

3. Google Drive web space removes entitlement to unlimited use in favor of shared 100TB storage, and Google plans to implement a new storage model in July 2022

Since 2020 Google has cut storage space costs across multiple businesses it has been involved in. But so far, G suite Business Edition’s approach to controlling total capacity has only been to change the description text, and the cutback policy remains in place, so it remains to be seen whether Education Edition will get the new policy off the ground as expected.

How simple is the joy of a geek? The first thing I did was to take the 1GB bandwidth unlimited traffic chick and hook up the rclone api to Google Drive to fill it with all kinds of resources, and watch the capacity of the number increase a little bit, feeling the inexplicable pleasure.

But this “happiness” is eating into Google’s profits, costing the tech giant tens of billions of dollars a year, and leaving the formerly unbeatable man in a tight spot.


Description of space changes after G suite Education revamp